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Moca Creme

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Moca Creme

Moca Creme

Color / Beige
Extraction area / Pé da Pedreira – Alcanede
Alternative names / Crema Moca; St Hubert; Relvinha; Mocha Cream; Moca Creme
Technical data / Compression strength: 930 Kg/cm2; Bending strength: 126 Kg/cm2; Porosity: 5,9%

Also known as Moca Creme Classic, the Moca Creme is a light beige limestone, which is known for its refined parallel vein, medium grain and uniform background. The vein may present more or less variation, thickness, as well as uniform horizontal orientation. This is the most commonly known variation of the Moca Creme limestone.

This limestone is most commonly used on exterior cladding applications, where it has achieved worldwide recognition and is a highly demanded limestone. In addition, it is also found on diverse flooring, coverings and decoration applications.

Projects with this limestone